The LMI Foundation seeks a world where everyone has the opportunity to be educated, self-sufficient and prosper.

No matter where is your starting point in life, we believe that everyone should have an equal chance to be successful. We believe that with improved and increased access to education, training and business solutions, everyone can have that chance.

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The LMI Research Support Program funding scheme seeks to enable academic and practitioners to conduct research projects that are of relevance to education and the business. The Research Support Program funds selects research projects through a merit review process.

The theme of the proposed research project must be motivated by an important business or education need/problem to be solved. 


The scheme offers funding support for research programmes of varying sizes, up to a period of 5 years with a maximum quantum of US$250,000 per project.

Calls-for-proposals are launched twice yearly (mid June and mid Jan) to solicit research ideas in all areas of business and education. Research ideas at the intersection of multiple disciplines, including liberal arts and hard sciences, are considered.


Proposals will be evaluated by a team of international peer reviewers and the LMI Evaluation Panel, consisting of LMI board members.

The evaluation criteria for the proposals are as follows:

  • Significance of research

  • Potential for Disruptive Innovation

  • Budget

  • Potential impact 

The committee’s decision is final and applicants who fail to qualify will have the opportunity to be elected as a Thought Leader with LMI for a period of 2 years and given access to priority research fundings all round the year.


For more information, you may contact us at [email protected]