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“We want to ensure we are providing our students an unforgettable and transformative experience which is socially and intellectually stimulating for a lifetime after they graduate. Leadership and Management Institute will be the standard bearer for ordinary students transformed into extraordinary arts and sciences leaders for the next generation. Your decision to enrol with us will benefit you a lifetime as you will be exerting your newfound knowledge in areas which will send ripples across the entire globe.”

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Excellent Track Record

Our students are offered a place and continue their education with Harvard University, New York University, University of Oxford and University of Michigan, just to name a few.


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Our students have the opportunity to build up extensive networks with faculty members in top universities and colleges.


First Hand College Experience

Our students get to experience college life in top universities even before they are admitted, including spending extensive periods studying in Harvard and Oxford campuses.

Our Students' Testimonial

Academic writing was a daunting task for me. I didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask. With LMI, I learnt how to do academic writing in just days! It almost felt like there was no required time or effort for me! The best part was that I could completely trust my instructors and academic advisors in all my academic consultations with them.
Dang Toan Minh Chi
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
I never thought that it was so easy to get testimonials and letters of recommendation from faculty members in Harvard. I dropped out of Jinan University in year 3, and I never expected myself to be able to get admitted to any academic program, ever. LMI really has its unique way of helping me in my academic pursuits and university admissions!
Yunlong Cheng
Zhuhai, China
I tried to do academic work in National University of Singapore, but dropped out after my second year. I thought I would never make it to university again, but my instinct to sign up with LMI proved me wrong. I was eventually accepted by Harvard and I am working my way towards graduation. I must say my experience with LMI has been pretty remarkable. I’d like to see more students try out their pathway programs!
Jaydee Quek
Singapore, Singapore
I didn't graduate from Nanyang Polytechnic with good results, and I was skeptical to work with another academic advisor to optimise my admission chances; but LMI was highly recommended by many of my friends who got admitted into elite universities. LMI helped me gain admission into Harvard with a 6 months customised program. The prized admission letter would not be possible if I were to do it alone, or with any other education institution.
Bill Rao
Guiyang, China