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Getting in to NYU

Who doesn’t want to study in New York?

Located throughout Manhattan with no distinct boundaries between the city itself and the university, NYU is one of the most inspiring colleges to attend given it’s located in one of the most inspiring cities in the world. For this reason, gaining admission into NYU is highly desirable. Proven by the fact that NYU has the highest number of international students in America.

Yet, truth be told, compared to some of the other top notch schools in the US, entry into NYU is pretty attainable. Despite the remarkably high application number of 67,232 in 2017, NYU still managed to offer a place to 27% of applicants – that’s about 18,000 offers! Pretty huge and promising numbers for prospective students.

Despite these promising numbers, admission remains competitive due to the high academic standards demanded by the school. Like many other universities in the US, there is no hard cut-off point for academic results, however, if you score too low, you application will be tossed in the trash!

For the 2017 intake, the average high school GPA was 3.6+, which is the equivalent of 90-95%.

Another promising fact for prospective applicants is that NYU does not limit the amount of students they can admit to any maximum or minimum number. This means if you’re application is good enough, they’ll make room for you!

So how do you gain admission and stand out if your academic scores aren’t quite up to scratch. Well, luckily there are a number of application aspects for you to do so, including admissions essays, extracurricular activities and reference letters.

NYU prioritise a number of characteristics in applicants, including: individuality, potential for impact and a commitment to public service.

Individuality can be expressed through your admission essay. While it can be tempting to try and present yourself as a perfectly-packaged, ready-to-go candidate and write what you thinkNYU would like to hear, it pays off to avoid doing this and be honest. Try writing earnestly about your experiences and express what makes you unique.

The best place on your application to express a commitment to public service and potential for impact is through your extracurricular activities. You might have volunteered at a local shelter, campaigned for a community cause or founded a startup that makes solar powered phone cases. If NYU is your dream school try and focus your extracurricular activities around achievements that make an impact on your community or the world at large – this will show admissions officers you can have a positive impact on campus once admitted.

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Key Facts:

Scores needed:

Required SAT 1450 Bare Minimum SAT 1350 GPA expectation 3.6+ (As and Bs)

Skills required:
  • Academic excellence
  • Potential for impact (shown through extracurriculars and essays)
  • Commitment to public service
2017 admission rate:


QS World Rankings:


US News ranking:


Difficulty ranking:

Medium-High. It definitely isn’t easy to gain admission into NYU and the academic standards along with the quality of education provided remain world-class. Having said that, the welcoming acceptance rate of 27% makes it much easier to get into than the eight Ivy Leagues!

Admissions requirements:
  • High school transcript
  • An ACT or SAT score
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Application Essay
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Interview (if requested)

What about career outcomes:

NYU is Ranked 38 in the world for graduate employment according QS Top Universities.

96.2% NYU students who graduated in 2016 were either employed or enrolled in a graduate or professional program within six months of graduation.

The most popular fields of employment was the financial services/banking sector with 12.6% of 2016 graduates going down that path, followed by entertainment/media, education/teaching, and computer science/technology.

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