Message from Founder

Students of today, Leaders of tomorrow

Dear Principals, Professors, Teachers, Parents and Students

Welcome back to Leadership and Management Institute (LMI)! Your decision to explore our academic services is not by chance, but by word of mouth from dozens of successful students and parents who recommended you to check out our services. For those who are preparing yourself or your child for high school and university admission, either to the undergraduate or graduate program, I have great news for you.

I would like to begin with a brief self-introduction. My name is Jacky Xu, and I am the co-founder of LMI. To me, being able to make a significant contribution to the education journey of the young is a not just a noble mission; I simply believe that they deserve the best!

My career choice was deeply influenced by my primary school form teacher, Mrs Yeo. She was my English, Mathematics and Science teacher since I was in Primary 4, and always made time for students who are willing to stay back after school to learn and understand more. Everyone who stayed back, from the weakest to the strongest student, made it through the common exams and was among the top corporate honchos I can count upon till this day. Mrs Yeo was an amazing role model for me because she gave me the opportunity to understand that, for those who happened to succeed, it was not by chance, but by design.

I believe that a progressive society needs to be run by leaders who can think critically, who are knowledgeable and who always act in the best interest of the very men and women that seek their wisdom and leadership. Our world’s future must be bright because of top quality education and leadership training that we can provide for our young. Indeed it is my honor to be a leading LMI as we set new paths and write new chapters for our future.

I would like to share with you great news in the academic and non-academic performance of our Institution: our graduates achieved very remarkable results in their application to universities, with 100% of the applicants getting into their university of choice. More than 85% of our students were given a place in Harvard University for the undergraduate degree program, and an overwhelming 95% of them scored at least 3 high distinctions in each of their academic term exam. 100% of the students were offered at least 3 internships with local and multi-national corporations. Our rate of admission to top 10 universities in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia was 100%, a rate that seems illusive to most if not all college admission agencies.

I must first take this opportunity to give a shout out to our parents and students for being highly accommodating to our highly challenging instructional design. Furthermore, I would want to thank our professors, instructors and teachers for their devotion and contribution. Last but not least, I would like to thank our graduates who had put in huge efforts and acted as role models for aspiring new students who would like to be the movers and shakers of tomorrow.

Although leadership and academic achievement is very important to our overall development of students, it is by no means the only way that we, or the society at large, would be measuring our students. We want all our students, and their parents, to understand that life is a journey, and it does not end with us just providing a holistic education to our students. Our students and graduates are expected to explore and further develop the talents we uncovered during their time with us, and keep developing their knowledge, experience and emotion quotient. We want our students and graduates to continue to be cultivated people, understand the values of harmony in society, families and workplace. We need to constantly remind ourselves to be empathetic to the weak, and learn humbly from the strong.

I would like to once again thank my colleagues for the unwavering devotion and support for our students. I wish you an enjoyable and fruitful learning adventure with LMI.

Thank you!


Jacky Xu

Head, Admissions