Xi Cheng
239 Lian’an Rd, Xiangzhou Qu, Zhuhai Shi,
Guangdong Sheng, China, 519020


Số 111A Tòa Nhà IDD-
Lý Chính Thắng, phường 7,
Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam


53 Quoc Tu Giam
Hanoi City, Vietnam

Training Centers

Situated at Tagore Lane, our main training centre boasts a large training room, computer lab, as well as gym, a basketball court, BBQ and swimming facilities. 

Campus address: 

81 Tagore Lane
Tag.A, #04-02
Singapore 787502

Academies Australasia is a leading education provider offering English language courses, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses. Established in 1908, Academies Australasia has been operating for 108 years. It has a long and successful experience in education going back in excess of 50 years. 

Campus address: 

45 Middle Road
Singapore 188954

Contact Information

Admissions and Academic Department 

General Office                                                   [email protected]

Admission and Academic Office                   [email protected]

Jacky Xu, Head of Admissions                        [email protected]

Kin  Ng, Senior Academic Advisor                   [email protected]

Student Affairs Department 

Finance Office                                                    [email protected]

General Office                                                     [email protected] 

Tee Meng Tan, Head of Student Affairs          [email protected]

Larry  Tan, Senior Academic Advisor               [email protected]

Richard Wan, Operations Manager                   [email protected]

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