LMI L.H. OH Scholarship

The L.H. Oh Scholarship was originally known as the Oh Leong Heng scholarship. It was established by the Leadership and Management Institute in 2014 in honor of Oh, Leong Heng, a prominent Chinese businessman, pioneer and a philanthropist who contributed extensively to the field of construction and education in Singapore. The Oh Leong Heong scholarship was converted into the L.H. OH Scholarship in 2017.
Oh Leong Heng (b. January 1936, An’hui) made his fortune in the construction sector. Oh was also a philanthropist who did not receive much formal education. Oh deeply believed education opens descendants needy families a route out of poverty. To ensure his descendants and other young people receive a good education, Oh devoted most of his retired years to the cause of education and to set up many schools in South East Asia.
Oh was the grand father of one of the co-founders of Leadership and Management Institue, and he donated $100,000 to set up the Oh Leong Heng Foundation in his will before his passing in 2008. With the initial donation, the Oh Leong Heng Scholarship Fund was established to keep the Oh Leong Heng’s spirit of education alive. The Oh Leong Heng Scholarship Fund became the L.H. OH Scholarship Trust Fund in April 2017. Income generated by the Fund was first used to offer the scholarship to students of the top higher education institutions that Leadership and Management Institute prepares its students for.
For the period between 2017 and 2020, L. H. OH Scholarship will be awarded to outstanding Leadership and Management Institute students enrolled into the Bachelor of Liberal Arts program at the Harvard University.
1. Eligibility
– Open to all nationalities.
– Successful applicants should read undergraduate Liberal Arts Program in the Harvard University in the following fields of study: Business Administration, Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics or Government.
– Applicants should possess a good
(A) Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ level results; OR Diploma awarded by NUS High School or polytechnic in Singapore; OR a good Year 11 and/or Year 12 grades from high school; OR academic qualification equivalent to the aforesaid
(B) Co-curricular activities record
(C) Leadership qualities and potential
– Students who belong to the following categories may also apply:
(A) Year 10 or Year 11 students in a recognized high school;
(B) Home schooled students who are above the age of 15 on July 1, 2018
(C) Students taking China National High School Exam (高考)in year 2017/2018
(D) IB Diploma students graduating in year 2017/2018
2. The Award
The Scholarship is valued at US$200,000 which covers up to 50% of housing, tuition, books, and preparatory classes subject to the following:
(A) Living allowance of up to US$2,000 per year in academic years 1 and 2. Living allowance for academic year 3 onwards will be determined by LMI Admissions Office at the end of academic year 2
(B) Book allowance of up to US$100 per academic year.
(C) Accommodation allowance of up to US$5,000 per academic year (applicable to scholars who reside in LMI hostels only)
(D) Computer allowance of up to US$500 (one-off).
(E) Settling-in allowance of US$250 (one-off).
(F) Enrollment and tuition fees at the Harvard University.
(G) One set of return economy airfare.
(H) Accommodation and meal allowance of up to US$500 or up to a continuous stay of 14 calendar days per academic year at the Harvard University or in Greater Boston, whichever is the lower.
3. Bond 
  • The scholars will be bonded to LMI for one-year upon graduation.
  • During the period of the bond, scholars will be working in LMI or its subsidiaries and associate companies, with a monthly starting salary equivalent to the prevailing medium salary of Harvard University graduates’ starting salary (USA 2015 census approximate this to be US$7,416).
4. Terms & Conditions
(A) Scholars may not, without the approval of LMI, hold concurrently any other scholarships, bursaries, university loans, fellowships, grants or awards.
(B) Scholars are required to maintain a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.75 over 4.0 (For offers made from AY2017 onwards).
(C) Scholars must maintain a record of good academic performance and personal conduct to the satisfaction of the Harvard University and/or LMI. Academic performance of the scholars will be reviewed every semester.
(D) The Scholarship may be withdrawn at any time if, in the opinion of the Harvard University and/or LMI, the scholar’s academic progress or personal conduct is deemed unsatisfactory.
(E) LMI has the sole discretion of waiving the bond of any scholar as it deemed appropriate.
(F) If the scholar terminates the scholarship prematurely or breaks the bond, he/she will have to repay LMI a sum equivalent to the amount LMI has spent on his/her Scholarship.
(G) The Scholarship will automatically be terminated when the scholar ceased to be a LMI student regardless of whether he/she is still a Harvard University student.
5. Application Procedures
  • The same application period for admission to the Harvard University applies.
  • Applicants should first register themselves at www.lmi.sg and submit all the necessary documents online. Upon registration, shortlisted applicants will be interviewed by a selection panel appointed by LMI.
  • Applicants who successfully cleared the interview and received the Scholarship will be admitted as LMI students and assigned LMI Academic Advisors to coach them in their application for admission to the Harvard University.
  • Scholarships are awarded based on merit.