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Leadership and Management Institute (LMI) was founded in 2014 as an academic test center in Singapore. The founders of LMI realised many colleges and universities weren’t producing high caliber students capable of complex problem solving, and who had excellent communication skills. This made many students, the products of these educational standards, ill suited for management roles and resulted in sub-par workplace performance. 

Upon close reflection and several conversations with noted academics, and Human Resource managers from several multinational corporations, the founding team deduced, in line with Sir Ken Robinson, that high schools and universities in Asia today do not build up the core skills required for academic and workplace excellence. As such, LMI moved towards the vision of creating a high-powered academic coaching institution that supports bright students in attaining a world-class education from universities such as Harvard University, Oxford University, and New York University. 

Since then, LMI has assembled thought leaders from around the world who function as academic and personal effectiveness coaches who are equipped to help our students stand out from their peers.

Leadership and Management Institute was founded with one core goal in mind – to help people achieve their potential. Since our humble beginnings, we have connected substantial number of students, entrepreneurs and young professionals with some of the world’s brightest young minds.

Along the way, our consultancy has developed a world-class network of talent consisting of a good number of tutors and mentors from around the world. These individuals combine their local understanding with global expertise to deliver unmatched support to our students.

We give each student a clear strategic roadmap to reach his goals and provide expert, hands-on support for every step of the way.

Whatever you are striving for, Leadership and Management Institute connects you with the resources you need to realise your ambition and achieve your dreams.

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Ivy League Admissions
Gain admission to Ivy League Universities
Academic Coaching
Acing your undergraduate and graduate degree
Graduate and Postgrad Consulting
Reaching the next peak in your career with a graduate degree
Stellar students deserve a special support from Us
Extracurricular Crafting
Helping you select and excel in the right activities
Leadership Mentoring
Get help creating and leading your own projects 
Career Mentoring
Receive hands-on mentoring from experts in your field
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Internship in Top Companies
Fancy a job in Google, Facebook, Alibaba or Goldman Sach?


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