Review: 7 Tips for Cutting Words from your Personal Statement



This is an issue for both native and non-native speakers of English: how can we be more concise and precise in our writing? In college applications and essays, word limits can be the bane of our ability to communicate. This article suggests 7 ways to cut words from your essays or statements, which can allow for more meaning communicated in fewer words. Let’s see if we can summarize it further to three points:

  1. Eliminate – adverbs, filler words like ‘actually’ or ‘basically’, and the common ‘very’, ‘that’, and ‘which’. These words can often be left out without changing the meaning you are trying to convey.
  2. Combine – Use apostrophes and hyphens to combine your words. It’s useful!
  3.  Don’t narrate – Jump straight to the point without telling the reader what you are about to tell.

With these 3 tips in mind, I hope you’ll get started on writing more concise and pointed essays and personal statements! If you still need assistance on creating a powerful personal statement, feel free to contact an LMI advisor; we’re here to help you achieve more!


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