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This article is really useful for anyone having trouble writing their essays, or just trying to improve their chances to be selected for any application, be it college admission, fellowship acceptance, or even for a job. Here’s a quick summary you can use.


Editing is the Art of transforming writing for writing’s sake to a piece worth reading.



The surest way to ensure your writing flows smoothly is to verbalise it. Read it out loud yourself or have a friend/loved one read it out, do this multiple times. This would help to  spot any typos or awkward phrases used that can be rectified immediately.


Now that you’ve articulated your writing, you can think about further enhancing its quality.

  • Swap out weak verbs & adjectives such as “great”, “very bad”, “funny” which are just too commonplace, use verbs & adjectives that pack a bigger punch such as “astounding”, “catastrophic”, “hilarious”.
  • Be concise and cut out redundancies so that each of your words has heightened impact (I really loved that coffee → I loved that coffee).
  • You’ll want to engage in assertive, purposeful writing. Words that are weak, wishy-washy, or apologetic like “seems,” “somewhat,” “nearly,” “almost,” “sometimes,” have to go. Either write it with full confidence or drop it altogether.


Who are you writing for? By verbalising your writing, did you spot any jargons in your writing which could be changed so that your target audience can better comprehend what you’re saying? Also, make it a point to continuously check if your writing matches the needs of your target group. This could be the criteria set by an essay competition you are taking part in or the vested interests of stakeholders who will be reading your report. It’s not for you it’s for them!

I hope these tips are able to speed you along in learning the ART of Editing and I wish you all the best in refining your writing from rugged nuggets to gems of your choice! If you need more assistance in writing a top-notch essay, contact an LMI advisor today!



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