Bosses Seek Critical Thinking But What is That?

The article above published by the Wall Street Journal says it best. Critical thinking is one of those things that fundamentally affect your ability to succeed and deliver value at the workplace, and yet by virtue of a Bachelor’s Degree we think we’re trained in it. But are we really?

The most telling line I saw in the article was this

“Judy Nagengast, CEO of Continental Inc., an Anderson, Ind., staffing firm, says she has come across young graduates who “can memorize and they can regurgitate” but who struggle to turn book learning into problem solving at work.”

Make sure you really do learn what you need to at college, even if it’s not explicit as a subject! Or better, get in touch with one of our tutors to make sure you’re primed to understand how to critically analyse information so you can be an asset to any company you start or join!

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  1. Well said. The issue is how can one respond to critical thinking? I don’t even know if what I think is what the bosses want me to think? What if I am wrong?

    1. That’s a great question Shaun, I believe the point about critical thinking is not about what people want you to think, but rather how your thinking can help to accomplish a certain objective, or solve a problem. I would suppose that if your boss wanted you to think in a certain way, he would give guidelines, or you could ask him for those guidelines to clarify his position.

      Critical thinking then comes into play again, when you challenge your assumptions about what others want in their communication to you. That forms the first step to effective communication!

      For conducting critical thinking: Suspend your assumptions and evaluate whether your proposed ideas can accomplish the objective.
      For responding to critical thinking: Questions whether other inherent assumptions are valid.

      That way, you can have a productive brainstorm for problem solving in the workplace. Hope these answers helped!

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