BMI global Vietnam

BMI global Vietnam

While the recruitment fairs are held in luxurious 5 star hotels, the tour also incorporates visits to two prestigious High Schools in Hanoi where we will hold mini-fairs on their campus.

Vietnam is one of the most important markets for outbound student mobility in South-East Asia, where demand for overseas study continues to be driven by concerns over quality in the domestic education system, a vibrant economy and rising family incomes.

• Vietnam is ranked 9 in the world for outbound tertiary student mobility (53,800)
• In 2013, 125,000 Vietnamese students studied abroad, a 15% increase on the previous year
• 45% of Vietnam’s population of 92.5 million is under 25 years old and highly motivated to study abroad

Do you need to increase your agent network in Asia?
If the answer is yes, then please be aware that this tour has an optional agent workshop attached to it that will take place in Hanoi on the 14-15 November. This is your opportunity to meet with over 70 agents from across Asia, allowing you to network with agents while recruiting students directly during your time efficient trip.


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