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Who We Are

Leadership and Management Institute (LMI) aims to equip students with the core skills required for survival in the working world—higher order critical thinking skills, communication skills, and leadership skills, while assisting them to fulfill their potential through enrollment in top universities and colleges in the world. 

LMI is also an accredited proctoring center for various placement examinations and is a member of the National Centre for Testing and Assessments. We have proctored exams for several world-class institutions including Harvard University, North Carolina State University, Oregon State University, University of California, Berkeley, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign and University of Pittsburgh.

What We Do

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Ivy League Admissions
Gain admission to Ivy League Universities
Academic Coaching
Acing your undergraduate and graduate degree
Graduate and Postgrad Consulting
Reaching the next peak in your career with a graduate degree
Stellar students deserve a special support from Us
Extracurricular Crafting
Helping you select and excel in the right activities
Leadership Mentoring
Get help creating and leading your own projects 
Career Mentoring
Receive hands-on mentoring from experts in your field
What We Do section, Home page
Internship in Top Companies
Fancy a job in Google, Facebook, Alibaba or Goldman Sach?

A Clear Journey From Start To Finish

Initial Assessment

A successful journey starts with a clear plan. To create this plan, you need to tell us who you are, and where you want to go.

During your initial assessment, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with one of our expert academic advisors about your goals and passions.

From here, we will assess what you need to turn your goals into reality, whether it be through improving your academic performance, developing extracurricular and leadership experience, or standing out in the admissions process.

Our initial assessments lay the groundwork to jumpstart your future.

Strategic Plan

Once we get to know you and your goals, our team will design a bespoke education program tailored to your unique needs.

Whether you’re looking to gain admission to a world-class university, find your passion in a meaningful career, or secure a highly-competitive internship at a global firm, you’ll get the support you need to succeed.

Building Your Team

When navigating your educational journey, having the right team to support you is essential. We go to great lengths to ensure you are paired with the best-fit tutors, mentors, and consultants from our expert global pool.

These individuals will guide and support you through each area of your Program, making your journey as stress-free, and as seamless as possible.


We’ve helped students from all over the world achieve their dreams, using our personalised approach and expertise.

No matter where you are or where you want to be, you’ll get a clear strategic plan and a team suited to your needs to help you reach your ambition. 

See below for a snapshot of what our students have achieved:

Leadeship and Management Institute’s results during the 2015/16 admission round:

93% of Leadership and Management Institute students were accepted into one of their top 8 university choices.

85% of Leadership and Management Institute students were accepted into one of their top 5 university choices.

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